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Monte Colombo Estate

Total area: 2.58.30 hectares

Vigneto di Barbera d'Asti Vigneto di Merlot Vigneto di Merlot

This vineyard is situated on the hilltop close to La Serra at an altitude of 280 metres and has a prevalently southern exposure.

A combination of soil and climate conditions provide an ideal environment for the cultivation of red grapes destined for the production of big wines full of character. The clayey soil makes for an extremely fertile area, where densely-planted rows of Barbera d'Asti cover more than a hectare with a west – east exposure.

The other plots of land making up the remaining hectare are suited to the requirements of the Merlot, a very sensitive grape that needs an environment with good summer moisture, ensured in this case by the natural climate of Monferrato.