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Monte Aribaldo Estate

Total area: 10.06.09 hectares

Vigneto di Dolcetto d'Alba Vigneto di Chardonnay Vigneto di Sauvignon Blanc

The estate lies just two kilometers from Martinenga on the hill of the same name in Treiso d'Alba. In 1900, Carlo di Grésy built Villa Giulia, an Art Nouveau-style hunting lodge on this hilltop overlooking the entire valley. The integrity of the original exterior and interior layout of the lodge can still be admired today. From here there is a breathtaking view of the whole of Piedmont, framed by the majestic Alps.

The vineyards encircle the Villa and extend along the hill over 10 hectares of mixed terrain of calcareous and volcanic soil at an average elevation of between 360 and 370 metres.

The even altitude and its prominent position allow the grapes to ripen consistently and give harmonious body to the Dolcetto d'Alba with a westerly to easterly exposure, structure and longevity to the Sauvignon Blanc with a northerly to easterly exposure, and brilliant colour and delicate scents to the Chardonnay planted on the western slope.