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Our philosophy

It is our desire to produce wines that speak of their place of origin, of the unique characteristics of an area and its traditions, but which despite their pedigree are pleasant, drinkable and easy to pair.

Over the years, Alberto di Grésy and his Staff have endeavoured to respect the micro-climates and characteristics of the estates, working with passion and humility to respect the identity of the land and select the right vineyard for each of the various cultivars to obtain wines that are different but all with great personality.

We try to understand which grape will give of its best from this exchange between the soil, the vine and the influence of the weather to give us wines that are created in the vineyard itself, with all the potential to become great.

So do not be surprised if every variety has its own name; a minimum difference in exposure is enough for us to decide to create a label.

We use traditional vinification methods in the winery, with lengthy maceration to extract all the noble characteristics, especially the tannin which gives our Barbarescos a unique, recognizable elegance. With sensitivity and love, Alberto di Grésy has chosen three sub-zones at Martinenga to produce three different Barbarescos, each with its own recognizable and recognized identity: Martinenga Barbaresco DOCG, Camp Gros Martinenga Barbaresco DOCG (since 1978) and Gaiun Martinenga Barbaresco DOCG (since 1982). Three different ways to interpret Barbaresco, which complete our offer of no less than 16 different wines, each with its own story, each a unique piece making up the soul of the Tenute Cisa Asinari dei Marchesi di Grésy. Wines with a precise identity, great class, elegance and the ability to conquer palates all over the world.